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Sunday - Acredita - é possivel

19h 00m (Open Meeting* - last Sunday of the month)

Monday - A Solução é Simples

21h 00m
Tuesday - Resulta se trabalhamos para isso

19h 00m (Open Meeting* - last Tuesday of the month)
Wednesday - Ação e Oração

20h 30m 
Thursday - Renascer Online

21h 00m
Friday - GRUPO 12

12h 00m
Saturday - Sábado à noite com CA

21h 00m (Open Meeting* - first Saturday of the month)

Not to break the anonymity, we decided not to disclose the code of our meetings online. To receive more information please choose one of the following options:


1 - Call  our Helpline

2 - Send an e-mail to

* Meeting open to Non-Addicts such as family members of addicts, professionals in the field of addiction, community in general.

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